Monday, February 12, 2007

A Perfect World - One Without Evil - What Would It Look Like?

I would love to be a novelist. I've tried, but don't have the talent. In reading about novels, however, it turns out that what holds the interest of the reader is conflict, resolution of conflict, tension, especially life and death, building to some kind of climax where things are at stake, and there will be winners and losers. Things like that.

I think humans are fascinated with not just fictional things of this nature, but are actually made better (and worse) as they face real and imagined crisis.

Some who have a not-very-thorough understanding of how the Bible describes heaven often suggest they don't want to go there because it would be boring.

I don't believe heaven will be boring. I don't think the description we have sounds boring. Something will replace conflict and fascination with death, etc., to make heaven even more exciting by far than earth. But I don't believe I can comprehend what God has in store.

That is why I laid down the challenge. Any time I've tried to create a perfect world, it soon becomes clear that my version would not be better than the one we have. Different, but not better. Try it.

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