Thursday, September 06, 2007

A Few Personal Notes

I know that I have been well short of prolific in these spaces lately. One could hope that the content has been of greater quality while declining in quantity. I actually have been concentrating a bit more on my writing and style. Did anyone notice?

The last few months have been filled with substantial turmoil. My partner and I started a business over 26 years which grew to be very substantial. However, due to conditions within and outside of our control, we were forced to sell the business to the highest bidder last month. This process has been extremely time consuming and draining. It has made it very hard to be "up" for blogging or any other creative endeavor.

To make matters even more interesting (to me at least), I am now in the process of deciding what to do for a living. Part of the sale includes continuing on as an employee for the next 8 months, but there is no guarantee of work beyond that. So I am currently flexing my writing skills, and attempting to sell three book ideas, several freelance column ideas, a couple of freelance articles, check into adjunct professoring, consulting, and expert witnessing.

If anyone has any thoughts on any of those career paths or can be of any help, please comment or email.

The good news is that now that the deal is closed, and the day-to-day management of the company is behind me, I am full of creative vigor and am writing 1000's of words per day. Some for the job. Lots for publication.

Alas, it is unclear to me how much time I can devote to this blog, in that I need to be writing for dollars. However, it is my intent to do at least a post or two per week and stay up with the comments. I could sure use some guest posts. (I admit that Bernardo sent me a good one that I haven't even had time to make ready, but I will.)

Thanks to all who visit and contribute here. I do intend to keep trying to be a good host.


bernardo said...

Best of luck with everything, Randy!

I am getting pretty close to done on the book I'm writing. I figured I'd just self-publish it but now I'm thinking I might try to sell it first. Couldn't hurt, right? Maybe someone will like it. But having made this decision... How would I go about doing it? I know this is not the optimal forum to discuss this, but some help over email or something, or another lunch sometime, would be nice.

(Oh, and could you write the Foreword? How much would you charge me? Seriously.)

I do have a few more issues in my book that I think would benefit from being tossed around this blog, such as morality (humanism and consequentialism versus absolutism), "rational thought" (Is religion just "rational thought" plus a few assumptions/leaps of faith? Or minus a few? Is there a real difference between how a naturalist's world view is sturctured and how a religion person's is?), church-state separation (When can a majority's beliefs be determined to not be fit to be turned into laws?), and choosing one's own spiritual path (Why do so few people realize that alternate spiritual paths can be as fulfilling and as true as the one they chose), etc. So I can write some more guest posts if you want.

Randy Kirk said...

I make a general offer to atheists and agnostics, and to those who don't fit into any such category but have something meaningful to contribute: Send your post ideas to So that no one is offended, I won't tell you how I will judge the content. However, it is very likely that your post will appear in some form.