Thursday, March 01, 2007

Imperfect Biblical Heroes

One of the most amazing aspects of the Bible is the imperfection of its heroes. Almost without exception (Jesus), the others are shown to be far from perfect.

God's main man in the OT was David, and he had quite a few bad days. But, ultimately, he was a man after God's own heart. By this, I believe it is meant, David was constantly desiring to do the will of God. This desire was always foremost in his mind, though his flesh won out on several occasions.

"Jesus coming to fulfill the law" means that he was changing the way the law would be dealt with to the Davidic principle. No longer was the goal following archaic laws that had lost their meaning, but following the heart of God as revealed through the Holy Spirit. The Scripture OT and NT continue to inspire our understanding of God, but only in the Bible "as a whole."

As soon as you start parsing the Bible in order to prove your point (as a skeptic or to prove one doctrine is better than another) then you have missed God's best. The whole scripture with illumination from the Holy Spirit provides the law.

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