Sunday, July 25, 2010

Christian vs Atheist Debate on YouTube - Bahnsen vs Stein

Youtube is the repository of many outstanding debates between various theists, primarily Christian apologists and naturalist, objectivists, and atheists.  For those in this audience who have been actively engaged in, reading, and listening to such debates for more than a few months, you might sometimes feel as if there is nothing much more to be said. 

Therefore, I was delighted to find this series.  I believe you will find new grist for the mill.  The online archive of videos starts with #2.  I suspect that this is because #1 was introductions and rule setting.  Whatever the case, enjoy #2 and then you might want to go to the channel and take in the rest.  I will likely post some of the others in future posts when they relate to some specific element of the debate on this blog.

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