Monday, July 26, 2010

Shroud of Turin Adds One More Piece of Evidence of Supernatural Christ Jesus

I am confident that many in the atheistic community have had a chance to review some of the arguments back and forth regarding the Shroud of Turin.  Is it actually the burial shroud of Jesus or a 16th century fake?  In any case, how was it made?  The more recent work done by the history channel to reveal the three-dimensional aspect of the image, and the computer programming-like information stored on the cloth.   In case you missed all of that, here is a short documentary on the Shroud of Turin that talks about the longer History Channel Documentary.

Here is a 60 minute documentary that has a few variations from the History Channel, but does cover much of the same scientific and historical analysis.

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Atheist said...

Whether or not the shroud is genuine or not isn't the real question. The real question is what evidence is there to link the shroud to Jesus. If in fact, if is genuine, it could have come from anyone who died at almost anytime. It might only be 50 years old or it could be 50,000 years old but there would still be nothing to link it to a man made god.